In 2010 N. KALAŠNIKOVA PRIVATE PRACTICE, LTD, was established as an out-patient gynaecology practice thanks to the support of western investors and long-standing experience of the doctor NATAĻJA KALAŠŅIKOVA in obstetrics and gynaecology.

Practice is organised in considering needs of dynamic modern woman who highly values quality, privacy and intimate atmosphere.

Due to the up-to-date equipment doctors can perform all necessary tests to prescribe precise treatment, therefore caring for the time and money of the patients.

nkp-invalidN. Kalašņikova Private Practice in the 5th Floor is accommodated for the needs of disabled people as special elevator has been established [width – 70 cm]. If still there is some trouble for the disabled person to access the practice, please call in advance before the appointment: ☎ +371 67298575; ☎ +371 29233630.


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